EST. 2018

We are an Egyptian company that operates several projects for a global audience
Established on 3 January 2018 under Egyptian LLC. Incorporation Law 159/81


We develop both desktop and mobile software products that we stand by through thick and thin. From professional audio sampling to flight simulation training, you get a well built, tested and long term supported product.


We create our products with quality as a top priority. Across the range of our products, you will find that we paid attention to the smallest details. We promise satisfaction through product or refund.

30 Days

Any product produced by Lageria, whether tangible or intangible, as long as it’s purchased through us, gets a 30 days money back -no questions asked- guarantee. Just reach out to us and let us do our best to help you.


Our Projects

Two active projects, both developed at the highest possible standards.
All with your privacy and best interest in mind.


An extensive library of high definition sampled audio for use in indie game development and film. With over 1000+ samples and growing, we consider FyrFy to be an excellent companion to every inspiring creator out there.

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Flight Crew Station

Flight simulation computer based training (CBT), along with a library that includes a myriad of subjects, ranging from the general navigation and aerodynamics, to more airliner focused topics, created and developed by real world airline pilots

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Our terms and policies are unified across all our websites and products. We are GDPR compliant, and all our terms and policies are put in place for your protection before anything else. Nothing is stored or shared without your say.

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